Chesapeake eco tours


Chesapeake Eco Discovery

Exploring the coast of the Chesapeake Bay in search of native and migratory birdlife, waterfowl, sealife, and more. Set out on your private bay charter to see and photograph wildlife. During your trip, Captain Joe and his 1st mate share years of knowledge about the flora and fauna, marine life, and bird life while you get a close-up view of it all. Travel through the Magothy River and out to the open water. Some guests choose to stop along the way to visit one of our sandy shores to pick shells and find unique reminders of nature such as egg cases and sand dollars. Our shoreline stop will require you to get your feet wet and be a strong swimmer. An all-day adventure can bring you all over bay into beautiful sanctuaries filled with birdlife unique to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Wind down narrow marsh ways and tributaries or explore a nearby river.  See nesting areas and birds in flight. These trips are a photographer’s dream. Throw a net or use small tackle to catch and release bait fish and other creatures of the bay. Imagine traveling underneath the Bay Bridge or getting close up to one of the Chesapeake Bay lighthouses. Click away throughout the day. Ospreys nesting, herons and pelicans feeding, and sometimes the occasional porpoise, or large ray. A great tour of the bay and rivers for both families and professional photographers.

Chesapeake Bay Eco Tours and Photography