Spring Blue Cat Charters


Catching Blue Cat on the Chesapeake Bay

Catfish Bottom Fishing with Spinning Rods

In this time right before trophy season on the Chesapeake, we offer a bottom fishing experience targeted at large blue cats. Using alewive as our main bait to attract this species, anglers drop to the bottom and wait for the bite. These are great charters to load the boat with anglers and refreshments and bend some rods. Unlike trolling, the angler is hands-on at all times and uses finesse to hook the catch. 

Blue catfish are considered an invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay so it is your job to hook. keep and cook without limits! Blue catfish can be are different from the channel and white catfish by their noticeably longer anal fin, that has an even depth and a straighter edge than in the species. With 30-36 rays in the fin, versus 24-30 rays on the channel catfish and 19-23 rays on the white catfish.


April 1st – May16

AM charters:  5:30am – 11:30am
PM charters: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

$700 for 6 anglers
Additional anglers $100 each
$150 deposit is required at the time of booking

Max Anglers: 29

Catch Limit: Unlimited

Put some blue catfish on your plate !

Foodies and chefs agree that eating blue catfish from the Chesapeake Bay is delicious and nutritious and it is great for the ecosystem!

Charter Fishing With Captain Joe Mcdonald

Experienced in the fishing industry, Captain Joe has been hunting the waters in the Chesapeake Bay his entire life. When it comes to the big boats he has won and placed in major tournaments and has a reputation for fishing success. Both Captain Joe and his first mate are USCG licensed captains and Maryland licensed fishing guides with an experience in all types of fishing. You can be assured that they will find the best honey holes in the Chesapeake Bay.

Captain Joe’s 46ft fiberglass deadrise takes groups of anglers from its home port in Pasadena Maryland to the hottest fishing destinations on the Chesapeake. The Locator charter boat fishes the mid-Chesapeake Bay areas from Baltimore, Rock Hall north to Annapolis, and points south. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge areas are within a short 30-minute ride and are some of the best fishing areas on the Chesapeake Bay.

Bottom Fishing – Blue Catfish – Perch – Spot – Chumming – Live Lining