Chesapeake Bay Poker Run


Poker Run Charters on the Chesapeake Bay

Grab a card from the deck and make your best Poker Hand. One card for each spot. A quick toast and off to the next destination. You decide the pot and pick the spots! Poker runs destinations depend on how many hours you book for. Longer trips can take you as far as Annapolis or the Baltimore Harbor. If you are looking to hop off the boat and pop into a waterside bar we can do that as well. Because we have such a LARGE boat, many places will depend on docking. As always, we ask that you drink responsibly and “DON’T BE A JERK” .  

Sample Sunset Poker Run: 5 card Stud

1st Card: Bon Voyage, A toast to your mates while leaving the harbor. Pick your first card and hope for a great beginning

2nd Card: Pull your second card at the Historical Dobbins Island. A boat float area where many locals/boats frequent to socialize.

3rd Card: The Point on Gibson Island.. Accessible to the privileged and their guest only… Unless you are a resident, this is as close as you are going to get so let’s pull a card and hope for a huge payout!

4th Card: Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse. How cool would it be to own a The light was sold by the Coast Guard to a group of 3 couples. They have done a great job of fixing it up. Let’s pretend for the evening that we are just stopping by to check on our unique property and pick up our 4th card! Incredible views of the Bay Bridge!

5th Card: Enjoy the rest of your cruise while waiting to dray the last card back at the harbor, “The Pasadena Punch” Lines are tied and your group’s designated driver is most likely the keenest one to make sense of his / her poker hand. The last card determines the winner. You can always include the Captain and 1st mate in the game for that added tip!