Take a booze cruise on the Chesapeake


Chesapeake Bay, Booze Cruise

Bring your own for a float! Tour the waters with your beverage of choice! If it’s a party you are after we can provide the venue. You will not find this bar on the map as it is always moving! Adults can book the locator for a booze cruise adventure. We do have some rules and the biggest one is “Don’t Be A Jerk!”. While drinking responsibly you will travel the river and the Chesapeake Bay for a scenic adventure!

Unlike other charters, we can accommodate larger groups. Our Booze cruise adventures usually start in the afternoon for groups that would like to get wet and cover some ground. We also offer this type of trip in the late afternoon toward sunset for some epic views.

If you are looking to make the grand tour on a full day specialty cruise, make sure to check out our “Poker Run” Options.