Chesapeake Bay Sunset cruise

Chesapeake Bay Sunsets and Date Nights

Impress your honey or the whole family with a sunset cruise starting on the Magothy River and into the bay. Take your camera and make sure to send us one of the 3000 photos you take on your trip so we can post to the site! Plan your trip around the sunset and let your captain know what sites you would like to see during that magic hour.  Imagine the ambiance you will have sipping on a glass of wine with backlit silhouettes of the Bay Bridge and Maryland lighthouses! With longer trips, you will have time to fish, swim, or cruise farther than you have been before. Bring a special dinner to take on the boat from one of our local restaurants inland or grab a bite on the water. Plan a romantic picnic on the deck while taking in the scenes. Whatever you decide to do, you’re going to love it! Looking for a little privacy? No worries, our captain is out of site controlling the vessel from his helm inside. Not worried? Our Captain has an outside helm as well where he can converse with the group or just the two of you!